Wholesale Fair Trade African Gifts & Decor


We are pleased that you are visiting our online wholesale catalog. We've worked tirelessly over the past 20 years to create a strong channel of exchange between Africa and the world. Your orders honor the creativity and quality of craftsmanship of artisans across Africa, providing vital income that helps feed, clothe and educate families.

A Great Shopping Experience

With a rotating inventory of more than 2000 products available for purchase, it's easy to become overwhelmed. We want you to have a pleasant shopping experience, so we strive to make shopping our site fast and easy.

  • You must be a registered buyer to view pricing and place orders (register here).
  • There's a $75 minimum order required when you purchase through our website.
  • We ship via UPS ground and charge you for the cost of shipping plus a small boxing fee.
  • We accept credit card payment for all orders. Net 30 terms are available for selected approved accounts after two years of positive purchase history or six completed orders, whichever comes first.
  • We typically ship orders within 1-3 business days after they are placed, and in some cases, the same day.
  • We ship from our warehouse in Eugene, Oregon.
  • We strive to keep all items stocked in our warehouse. If an item is depleted, we will indicate it's expected arrival date in the Availability field on the product's page.
  • A small selection of our items are available for sale to the general public at swahilimodern.com

Credit Card:  If you are a privately owned store, your orders must be paid by credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Your information is securely processed via our PayPal payment gateway. If you wish to know your order total before we charge your credit card, please email Customer Service.

Net 30 Terms:  We extend Net 30 terms for selected accounts, as well as approved customers who provide positive credit references.

  • Museums, zoos and government institutions are awarded Net 30 terms automatically. Please advise if invoices must be mailed or emailed to a separate billing department address.
  • Companies with at least two years' purchase history and a minimum of six paid invoices may apply for Net 30 terms for up to $1000.
  • To apply for Net 30 terms, please click here.
  • Orders shipped on Net 30 terms should be paid within 30 days of the invoice date. Additional orders will not be shipped until the prior open invoice is paid in full. Should you have an issue that prevents prompt payment, please contact Customer Service to discuss your options.
  • Repeated failure to pay your open invoices on time will result in revocation of your Net 30 privileges. Should your company check be returned due to non-sufficient funds, you will be charged all applicable bank fees and your Net 30 terms will be revoked immediately.

Swahili is pleased to offer drop shipping services on a limited selection of our bestselling large laundry hampers. Click here to view our drop shipping selection, protocol and contract. If you complete the contract to initiate a drop shipping partnership, please email Mary for final approval.

Please note that Swahili cannot be responsible for monitoring inventory for all of our drop shipping customers, so we request that you periodically check our website to be sure your featured items are still in stock.

Carrier:  We ship most orders via UPS ground shipping. Our commercial volume discount keeps shipping costs as low as possible. We charge you for the cost of shipping plus a small boxing fee if your order is shipped in new boxes. 

Boxing:  When we can, we use sturdy recycled boxes to reduce our footprint and to keep our costs low. We pass that savings on to you by not charging a boxing fee. If you prefer recycled boxes, please indicate this in the Comments field when checking out. If you are averse to recycled boxes, please indicate that as well.

 If recycled boxes are not available, we use new heavy duty corrugated cardboard boxes.

Padding:   We use reclaimed packing materials like shredded paper, packing peanuts, air bladders, lightweight cardboard and dunnage. We have an extended network of businesses and other outlets that happily contribute packing materials. This keeps our costs low.

Careful Packaging:   Our order fulfillment team takes great care when packaging your orders. Since each order contains a unique assortment of products with varied shapes, sizes and weights, they package each order with the safety of the products and the most cost-effective manner of packaging in mind. Over the years, our packers have received compliments galore about their thorough packaging.

LTL Shipments:  On occasion the volume of your order warrants a pallet. In these cases we seek the best possible quote to get your shipment to you safely at the most reasonable price.

Federal Express:  We will ship via Fedex Ground or Expedited at your request. Since Fedex is not our default carrier, we are charged a $12 pick-up fee per shipment that we pass along to you. 

Using Your Own Shipper Number:  We are happy to ship your orders using your UPS or Fedex shipper number. To arrange this, please indicate your shipper number in the Comments field during checkout. You may be charged a small boxing fee if we use new boxes to package your order.

International Shipments:  We wish to make ordering Swahili merchandise as easy as possible for buyers outside the United States. We typically ship smaller orders via USPS Global Priority directly to your location. You are responsible for any duties or fees at pick-up. We can also ship via UPS ground to your freight consolidator here in the U.S. if you use such a service.

Direct From Africa:  We will organize containers or air shipments to your location if the volume of your order warrants such shipments. We generally work out the details of such orders by phone as you will be subject to receive F.O.B. pricing.

If you have any questions about our shipping policies, feel free to contact Mary by email or by calling 541-684-0688.

We strive to keep shipping costs as low as possible for our customers while ensuring the safety of the merchandise during transit. With such a variety of products in all shapes, sizes, weights and levels of fragility, we unfortunately cannot make a general rule about what percentage of your order total shipping costs will comprise. However, here are a few guidelines for understanding shipping costs:

  • Large items, even if they are lightweight, incur higher shipping costs due to the volume of the shipping box.
  • Heavy items, even if they are small, incur higher shipping costs due to the weight of the shipping box.
  • Fragile items like ceramics often incur higher shipping costs, as additional packaging is required to ensure no damage to the item occurs.
  • Orders comprised mainly of closeout merchandise are often subject to higher shipping-to-total percentages since the merchandise is being sold at a lower price.

If your merchandise arrives damaged, please contact us within 7 business days to arrange a claim, replacement or account credit.

Claims for damaged merchandise will not be honored after 30 days from receipt of the order. Please keep all packaging materials and merchandise in the original box for UPS inspection. If the item can be replaced, you will be sent a replacement within 2-3 business days following the damage report.