2021's Bestsellers

Written by Darla Saarela


Posted on December 31 2021

We're often asked for a list of our bestsellers, and our own curiosity prompts us to compile a list each year. During 2021, in spite of grappling with upsets in global shipping and a slow rebuild during the pandemic, we had a solid year of sales. We aren't really bottom line driven, but good sales mean that we can keep artisans working, and our little feed of income to families across Africa flowing.

While big baskets are always in demand, our fulfillment team ends up carefully preparing and packaging many more small items throughout the year. Wild olive wood, baskets from Ghana, hand fans and ornaments are once again at the top of the list, but you might be surprised by some of the products that were in hot demand this year. Please bear in mind that some of these items are oversold from future containers, and won't be visible on the site.



If you'd like to see a list of the top 200 bestsellers, check it out here.



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