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Ukuva iAfrica Hot Drops Garlic Chili Sauce

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Through Ukuva iAfrica (sense of Africa in ixi-Xhosa), World Fair Trade Organization member Turqle Trading takes us on a journey through many of Africa's varied flavors and cuisines. Carefully assembled small batches are presented in beautifully adorned bottles that tell how each sauce was inspired.

Ukuva's Garlic and Chilli Hot Drops are hot enough to be interesting, yet mild enough to appeal to those who like garlic flavor with just a little burn. This pleasing concoction of passion and bird's eye chilis is lovely with steak and burgers, pasta dishes, tomato-based sauces, french fries and potato wedges, fried onions and onion rings.

Sold singly or in a case of six.

Dimensions: 4.22 oz

Made in: South Africa