Wholesale Fair Trade African Handmade


Our global family faces the challenge of containing the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). As we all adapt to the insecurity of not knowing what's next, as well as to new realities for our health, daily social lives and businesses, our team at Swahili wishes to reaffirm our commitment to our partnership with you.

We have restructured to ensure we are on-hand to serve your needs, while also adhering to state-mandated measures for social distancing. The health and safety of our team and community remains our paramount goal, so we are learning together how to face down and rise above this jarring upset to our safety and stability.

On March 23, 2020, our governor mandated that all employees with the ability to work from home must do so. As a result, we have limited our on-premises staff to five order fulfillment team members and four administrative team members, working limited hours Monday through Thursday. We have implemented CDC-recommended precautions for sanitization and social distancing. Five our administrative team members are currently working from their homes, and will continue to do so until the shelter mandate has been lifted.

Our thoughts are with people around the globe whose lives are being impacted by this global pandemic. We are striving to do our part to contain the spread of the virus while keeping Swahili available for our artisan partners, customers and employees.