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Cow Bone Cocktail Pick Set

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Origin: Kenya

Size: [Holder] 2.5"T x 1"D [Picks] 5"L

Materials: Cow bone

In the hands of talented Kenyan carvers, simple natural materials like cow bone transform into useful works of art for the home. Readily available, cow bone provides a low-cost crafting medium for artisans that connects us all to our primal roots.

Our beautifully simple cow bone toothpick holder is carved to resemble the spiraling horns of various savanna antelopes, like the topi, gazelle and waterbuck. Delicate cow bone cocktail picks, sold separately as a set of six, make a great complement to the holder. Paired together, these cow bone serving accessories add simple African style to the table.

Sold as a set of six cocktail picks in a holder.