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Delicate Milulu Reed Open Weave Baskets from Tanzania

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Origin: Tanzania

[Small] 8"D x 8"T
[Medium] 10"D x 10"T
[Large] 12-13"D x 12"T

Materials: Milulu grass

Vikapu Bomba embodies the vision of Catherine Shembilu to create sustainable income for talented rural Tanzanian women. For many women living in the lush southern highlands, life centers around subsistence farming, cooking, cleaning and caring for children. Women can weave baskets between their other duties, working daily to earn money to pay school fees, buy food, procure farming supplies and contribute to savings. When a woman has money of her own to use or share, she has greater influence over her life and future.

Milulu grass reeds can be harvested carefully from the marsh without removing the entire plant. Weavers dry the reeds in the sun, then weave them carefully to showcase the whole reed in delicate all-natural baskets.

Sold singly, available in three sizes. Because these baskets are woven by hand, each will vary slightly.