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Fixe Reverse Glass Painted Plates, Debbo Design

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Origin: Senegal

Size: [Large] 9.75" D [Small] 7.5"D

Materials: Glass, acrylic paint

Pik'Art Designs started in 2003 by five young men who grew up together in the Pikine suburb of Dakar, Senegal. These talented, energetic, and highly motivated artists export their intricately hand painted products to six countries in Europe.

The artisans are renowned for their reverse glass painting method, called fixe in Senegal. As the name implies, reverse glass painting starts with the details in the foreground and ends with the background.

Elaborate Signare portrait paintings were originally inspired by Senegalese women who married foreign dignitaries. Over time, their ornate images became iconic of wealth and power.

Our gallery-quality plates are available in two sizes, and both are breathtaking whether in use on the table or displayed on the wall.