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Jarida Pink Recycled Wire Bicycle Art Sculptures

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Origin: Kenya

Size: 7"L x 2"W x 4.5"T

Materials: Recycled wire, tin and acrylic paint

New from Jarida Crafts in Kenya! The vibrant artistry of Jarida's at-risk teenage artisans comes through again in colorful recycled wire bicycle sculptures

Sold singly.


Jarida Crafts is a Kenyan social enterprise that creates hand made cards and small gifts. Jarida employees are a variety of teenage individuals including drop-outs, young mothers, and street youth. While their circumstances might vary they all have one thing in common: creativity and their desire to share their art with others.

Not only does Jarida Crafts employee an at risk demographic, but takes it one step farther by offering classes to help shape their life. They have introduced sports to keep teenagers from getting into trouble after hours, hold seminars about the dangers of unsafe sex and drugs, and have classes introducing a variety of other crafts to help form life long skills.

These crafts which are made from recycled aluminum cans not only help make the environment a little better, they also help make the lives of these young people and the world a little better too.