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Journey Far Mudcloth Passport Bag

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SKU: mali-22a

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Origin: Mali

Size: 8"L, 6"W

Materials: Mud, leaves, woven cotton, leather

If you've traveled even a little outside the U.S., you know how vital your passport is to your existence when you're on the road. Keeping this important little book safe while traveling can often mean the difference between a pleasant entry and departure into foreign nations and a seriously distracting hassle and expense.

Our useful Journey Far passport bag includes a larger zippered back pocket sized for holding your passport and a smaller front pocket for currency and change. The braided nylon cord allows you to wear the bag between layers without drawing too much attention. Each bag is handcrafted from tough leather and mudcloth by a wonderful group of textile artisans in Bamako, Mali, who shine at incorporating contemporary mudcloth into their designs.

Sold singly. Designs will vary.