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Lulu Life Nilotica Shea Sheep's Milk Facial Soap

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Origin: South Sudan

Size: 1"T x 2"D

Materials: Virgin shea butter, sheep milk, saponified lye, ylang ylang essential oil

This Sheep Milk Facial Soap is made in small batches by a co-op of South Sudanese women. The soap is created from a mix of Lulu Life virgin shea butter, sheep milk, saponified lye, and scented with ylang ylang essential oil.

Lulu Life Shea Butter is an organic, Grade A virgin shea butter that is produced using nuts from the vitellaria nilotica tree, which grows only in remote East Africa. Most shea butter comes from West African shea trees and is sold as a hard solid. East African shea butter is silky and harder to procure, and considered a precious luxury good. Lulu Shea Butter is made from nuts that are collected, cracked, sorted, dried, ground by hand and cold-pressed (avoiding even the slightest trace of chemical contamination).

Sold singly wrapped in cotton fabric. Patterns will vary.