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Ngurunit Nomadic Camel Milking Baskets with Black Beaded Dots

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Origin: Kenya

Size: [L] 7.5"D x 5"T [M] 5.5"D x 4"T [S] 4.5"D x 4"T

Materials: Doum palm leaves, beads

These incredibly durable baskets are hand woven by Samburu and Rendille women in remote northern Kenya. Called "nomadic baskets", these rustic vessels are styled for the modern home but based on traditional designs used for the storage of camel's milk.

Nomadic baskets are sold in three useful nesting sizes and are adorned with beaded pattern of black dots. Sold singly. Because this is a handcrafted item, size and shape may vary.

Nomadic Baskets
The community of Ngurunit in Northern Kenya is home to the pastoral Samburu and Rendille tribes, which moved south to Kenya during the period between the 15th and 18th centuries. Interdependent due to their proximity and similar lifestyles, Samburu and Rendille livelihoods center on camel herding, harvesting and preserving time-honored elements of their exquisite cultures in ceremonies and songs.

In addition, the community pursues progress in education, water sourcing and livestock husbandry, as well as traditional craft production for exporting. PEAR (Participatory Education, Awareness and Resources) Group partners with the Samburu and Rendille basket weavers to find markets for their camel milking baskets, a daily-use item which provides a sustainable income for the community when exchanged on the world market.

Women use doum palm leaves, tightly woven in the coil style, to create these durable, watertight baskets. Typically used to store camelís milk, the baskets are coated for that use with a layer of colostrum, the camelís first milk after birthing, and then before each use, a basket is smoked with wood smoke to kill microbes that could spoil the milk.

Baskets created for the export market reflect the Samburu trend to embellish and personalize baskets with beads, shells, tree bark, leather strips or sisal string. Created with great attention to quality and style, your Camel Milking Basket may have taken an Ngurunit woman up to a month to create while working around household duties.