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JusTea® Peppermint Detox Loose Leaf Tea

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Origin: Kenya

Size: 45g (makes about 40 cups, or re-steep for 80 cups)

Materials: Organic lemongrass, peppermint

Packed with antioxidants, whole leaf peppermint and lemongrass team up in this delicious and revitalizing blend from JusTea®. Cool and refreshing with notes of mint and sweet lemon, caffeine-free Peppermint Detox soothes a sore throat, while lemongrass helps with tummy troubles and iron absorption. Members of a Kenyan women’s coop handpick the organic lemongrass in this blend, so your tea purchase directly benefits their employment.

Sold as a single tin or a case of six tins. Each tin includes a hand-carved wooden spoon.

Steeping Instructions: 1 tea spoon – 205°F – 4 mins

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