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All Natural Tuareg Date Palm Basket from Niger

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Origin: Niger

Size: 12"D x 1"T

Materials: Date palm

Through great pains, we received a small shipment of exquisite handmade Tuareg date palm baskets from Niger.

Each basket is handcrafted from date palm leaves using traditional methods by a rural woman in the central Agadez region of Niger, West Africa. The Sahara Desert comprises nearly 80% of Niger's landscape, where nomadic cattle herding once sustained communities. Widespread drought in the 70s and 80s devastated many herds and contributed to Niger becoming one of the most impoverished nations on earth.

The organization GIE-Danie coordinates artisan activities in Niger, providing market access and support for thousands of craftspeople. Through their assistance, we are happy to bring this limited collection of very special baskets to you.

Sold singly. Because this is a handcrafted item, each will vary slightly.