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Set of Two Magenta Bolga Nesting Bowl Baskets

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Brand: Swahili Imports

SKU: gh80c

Availability: In Stock

Origin: Ghana

Size: [Small] 11-13.5"D x 6-7.5"T
[Large] 14-15"D x 7-8"T
Sizes will vary, but baskets will nest.

Materials: Veta vera grass

In Ghana's northern Bolgatanga region, talented basket weavers know exactly what to do to transform a stiff stalk of grass grown in the south into gorgeous baskets loved around the world. This nesting basket set offers the ample round Bolga market basket in a useful handle-free variation.

Sold as a set of two nesting baskets. Because these are handcrafted items, each will vary slightly.

NOTE: We ship Bolga baskets in two ways. We can fit more FLATTENED baskets into a box, saving you on shipping costs. Or, we can SHAPE your baskets before they ship. If you do not indicate during checkout that you wish for us to SHAPE your baskets, they will arrive flattened. You can shape your basket by wetting the straw and shaping the basket with your hands, then allowing it to dry.