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Why is it important to fill space inside baskets?

Shipping costs for large hampers have always been high, and keep rising as fuel surcharges increase. We want the shipping charges you pay to be in balance with your merchandise total. Since the size of a box strongly influences the cost of shipping, filling the empty space inside large baskets is smart.

Can I just add more hampers to balance costs?

Unfortunately, adding more hampers increases the imbalance between your shipping cost and merchandise total. Most hampers can't be nested inside one another, so we end up just adding additional large boxes with empty space to your order. Problem NOT solved.

I only want to buy baskets - not interested in anything else.

We definitely understand basket obsession (we have it, too). With a variety of smaller baskets (think small lidded baskets, sisal bins, grain bowls), you can certainly stay true to baskets while still filling the empty interior space of a large hamper. When adding smaller baskets, pay attention to the diameter of the hamper you're hoping to fill, and don't try to add baskets with a larger diameter.

Is it possible to add too much to a hamper?

Yes, it's possible to add so many small heavy items that shipping increases due to weight. Once again, balance is key. Our order fulfillment team does a fantastic job of packing items together for maximum safety during shipping. Their goal is to maximize empty space so you can profit more!

Still not sure?


Shipping Costs are Such a Pain!

Believe me, we get it. Rising shipping costs for containers and air shipments from Africa are hard for us to swallow, too. Working together thoughtfully to maximize every inch of shipping space isn't just about profits. Efficient packing shows our respect for our natural world and our commitment to conscientious business practices. 

Here are our suggestions for categories of items that are great for filling empty basket space:

Grain & Fruit Baskets

They nest together, don't add too much weight, and you can fit quite a stack inside a hamper (please keep dimensions in mind).

Small Lidded Baskets

If you're really stuck on baskets, a few smaller lidded baskets can definitely fill the void.

Scarves & Throws

Beautiful handmade textiles are a great way to fill hampers. Think gabis, scarves, pillow covers, throws...

Dining Serveware

These bestsellers are always right at home tucked into a hamper. Think salad servers, spoons, bottle stoppers...

African Jewelry

If your shop has a more eclectic mix, lightweight jewelry pieces can easily increase your order's merchandise total.

Wooden Sculptures

You can also fill hampers with beautiful decorative hand-carved sculptures.

Get the general idea?

We hope you're understanding some of our best practices for filling up empty space inside baskets. If you still have questions or concerns, we're always here for you. Just give us a call (541-684-0688) or drop us an email!