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Oryx Desert Salt Madagascar Pepper Grinder

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Twenty years ago, a life-changing 75-mile walk through the remote Namib desert brought single mother Samantha Skyring face-to-face with the exquisite gemsbok oryx and pure unrefined desert salt. Oryx Desert Salt was inspired by this epic encounter.

A perfect partner to desert salt, Oryx pepper is sourced from small
farmers in
Madagascar, where
the berries are
and sorted. Madagascar's hot, humid tropical climate and rich
fertile soil creates a terroir that makes for
luxuriously aromatic pepper berries that
pop satisfyingly when cracked.

Oryx recyclable glass bottles include durable ceramic grinder heads, so each bottle can be replenished repeatedly with economical refill boxes.

Sold by the single bottle or case of six bottles. A portion of profits from Oryx Desert Salt benefit the Khomani San and Mier communities of the Kalahari Desert.

Dimensions: 1.26 oz, 50g

Crafted from: Whole black peppercorns

Made in: Madagascar and South Africa