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Set of Four Small Jacaranda Bird Sculptures

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Origin: Kenya

Size: Size of each bird varies between 4.5-6"T

Materials: Jacaranda wood, paint, wire, yarn

A talented family of artisans in Nairobi, Kenya, handcraft these unique sculptures from jacaranda wood, often including the bark of the tree for singularity, then hand paint realistic details.

Sold as a set of four in the species shown:  kingfisher, egret, guinea fowl and tchagra.

Beautifully handcrafted bird sculptures have become a favorite product in our line since we met the late Paul Njoronge in September 2012. A talented artisan and dedicated father, Paul and his wife Joyce manifested their appreciation for and knowledge of birds in handcrafted jacaranda sculptures, with details painted in vibrant glossy colors. Following Paul's sudden, tragic death in April 2014, his brother Kamau picked up production in Paul's place, allowing us to continue providing these unique African curios.