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Valentine's Day Note Card

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Origin: Kenya

Size: 4" x 6", envelope included

Materials: Paper, acrylic paint, beads

The Kipepeo Design Project aims to empower women living in desperate conditions to be proactive in bringing about positive change to their own lives, and for their families and communities, through education and by generating income.

The project is located in Kibera, which is Africa's largest informal settlement with approximately 700,000 people living in just 4 square kilometers. In this settlement unemployment reaches approximately 50%. Kipepeo Designs gives women a steady paycheck so they can pay for food for their family, pay school fees for their children, and learn the important skill of saving money.

These cards are created from shredded office paper that is pounded into pulp and then re-purposed into lovely sheets of paper. Each card is hand crafted with special attention to detail.