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Open Weave Iringa Baskets

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These simple yet durable baskets are hand woven by women in rural Tanzania. Available in three sizes, they are useful in every room of the home. A beautiful open weave design gives each basket a beautiful lacy appearance.

Sold singly, three sizes available. Because this is a handcrafted item, each will vary.

NOTE: We ship Iringa baskets in two ways. We can fit more FLATTENED Iringa baskets into a box, saving you on shipping costs. Or, we can SHAPE your baskets before they ship. If you do not indicate during checkout that you wish for us to SHAPE your baskets, they will arrive flattened. You can shape your basket by wetting the straw and shaping the basket with your hands, then allowing it to dry.

Small: 8"D x 8"H
Medium: 10"D x 10"H
Large: 14"D x 12"H
Please expect up to a 2" size variance (this allows baskets of the same general size to be nested together when shipping from Tanzania).

Crafted from: Milulu grass

Made in: Tanzania