Lulu Love Nilotica Shea Body Butter from Lulu Life of South Sudan

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Lulu Life body butter offers the nutritive properties of South Sudan's nilotica shea oil in a light, creamy skin ointment. Nilotica shea nuts yield a light oil that can be directly transformed into creams without excessive processing. Lulu Love fragrance is an alluring combination of jasmine, vanilla, plumeria, honey suckle, and lilac essential oils.

We use this pure, light cream to soothe dry skin and condition abrasions on skin of all ages. Since the light cream melts at body temperature, it's great for massage.

Dimensions: 100ml (3.4oz) watertight plastic container.
2.25"L x 2.25"W x 2"H

Crafted from: Nilotica shea nut oil, plant essence or fragrance

Made in: South Sudan