Our lead time is currently 5-7 business days.



We love giving artisans reorders for their beautiful work, wand appreciate your willingness to reserve stock for your store.
When a sea container lands at a port city in the United States, that typically means that the shipment will be coming by train and then truck to our Oregon warehouse within the coming month.
As a shipment nears port, we make the out-of-stock items visible on our site and open up pre-ordering. You'll recognize the items that are returning soon by their blue PRE-ORDER banner.
After you review the returning items, please get in touch with us to place a preorder. A few things to remember:
  • You'll need to arrange payment when you place your pre-order.
  • Once we receive the shipment, we'll notify you that your order will be shipping soon.
  • You'll have 3 business days after notification to add items or make changes.
  • If you do not contact us within 3 business days, we will ship your order as originally requested.
  • As always, if you wish to know your total with shipping charges, please let us know in advance.

Ready to Pre-Order?

First, make a list of your desired SKUs and quantities.
We'll confirm your pre-order and let you know if we have any questions.

These shipments are currently on the way:

Zimbabwean Sea Container

Expected Arrival: early June 2024
What's included:
  • Metal Sculpture
  • Stone Sculpture
  • Baskets
  • Beaded & Recycled Sculpture
  • Mahogany Bowls
  • Instruments

Kenyan Sea Container

Expected Arrival: early June 2024
What's included:
  • Olive wood tableware
  • Jacaranda wood sculpture
  • Soapstone
  • Sisal baskets & totes
  • Camel milking baskets
  • Banana fiber goods
  • Metal sculpture