Rhino Project South African Cause Bracelet

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This bracelet supports the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) Rhino Project. Inspired by the colours of the rhino and its surrounding habitat, each bracelet is made up of grey, white, and matte black beads, and is finished off with two red ‘accent’ beads on each side of the EWT pewter closing. Wear these cause bracelets to connect to the conservation of these iconic species.

The Rhino Project fights against rhino poaching using a number of interventions to ensure the survival of this iconic animal; the deployment of equipment, skilled field staff, anti-poaching dogs and sniffer dogs, a rapid response platform for rhino orphans, and end-user awareness campaigns.

Learn more at www.ewt.org.za

Dimensions: Elastic band, one size fits most

Crafted from: Beads, elastic

Made in: South Africa