Wild About Wild Dogs South African Relate Cause Bracelet

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Relate bracelets are handmade and sold to make a difference and change lives. As a 100% not-for-profit social enterprise, the majority of Relate's revenue is donated to credible causes and invested in social initiatives, with a focus on creating opportunities for all involved, at every stage of a project.

Through the sale of We're Wild About Wild Dogs bracelets, Relate has raised more than $153,000USD to support the Endangered Wildlife Trust. Each bracelet is handcrafted in South Africa, and includes an informative display card to increase awareness for African wild dog conservation efforts.

The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) is one of South Africa's leading biodiversity conservation organizations, and strives to facilitate the protection and sustainable use of key ecosystems. The EWT has a cohesive and integrated approach to the conservation of species, habitats and ecosystem processes and therefore focus much of their work on protecting both threatened species and habitats. Successful conservation thus means protecting the habitats that support species–and human beings–and in this way entire ecosystems, communities and socio-economic structures reap the benefits. Learn about EWT's quest to save the wild dog at www.ewt.org.za.

Dimensions: Elastic band, one size fits most

Crafted from: Pewter, plastic beads, elastic

Made in: South Africa